Cast & Crew

Jess McLean — Young Esme / Granny Weatherwax

Jess survived five years of high school drama and NZQA drama scholarship. She has played a range of roles, and by “range”, I mean always being cast as the strong woman character. However, she has got herself the roles of Purapurawhetu’s Kui/Aggie Rose, Mum in Joyful and Triumphant, Kate the infamous Shrew, and the original strong angry woman, Sophocles’s Antigone, not to mention the Shakespeare characters ranging from Iago to Juliet … so, nothing to complain about.

Reason for getting involved: “It’s Terry Pratchett plus theatre. How could I resist?”
Favourite quote or moment: “You gotta love the troll customs officer. If every customs officer was like that, ‘Border Patrol’ would be a thousand time less dull.”

Sasha Lipinsky — Janet Ogg / Elf 1

Sasha isn’t new to MUDS, having performed in Cabaret as Frenchy, Worse Things Happen At Sea as Margaret, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Producer, as well as the 48 hour film competition.

Reason for getting involved: “Sensibility and not over committing at all, never, not me … ”
Favourite quote or moment: “It’s his poor wife I feel sorry for.”

Natalie Peart — Magrat Garlick

Natalie has been in a range of productions from musicals at high school, Summer Shakespeare 2012, as well as Scholarship Drama. She’s been in Guys and Dolls, Le Baccanti, Les Misérables, and Antigone in Italy.

Reason for getting involved: “Div loves me :D hahaha cause I just can’t stay away from drama!”
Favourite quote or moment: “One can blow my own trumpet thank you very much!”

Cam Dow — Verence / Baker

Cam’s performance history includes PNBHS School Productions 2009: Blood Brothers, as Mr Lyons’ understudy; 2010: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as Reuben, and in the Abbey Theatre Musical 2010: Jesus Christ Superstar. Cam joined MUDS to meet new people and be on the stage more.

Favourite quote or moment: Trent’s CSI reference

Nicole Jarding — Ponder Stibbons / Elf 2

Nicole’s theatre experience includes Sheilah Winn Shakespeare, and was Patty Simcox in Grease when she was at Lincoln High School. Nicole joined MUDS “to get back into one of my favourite passions.”

Favourite quote or moment: “My drunk and random line, ‘I’ve got a lovely new vest.’”

Danelle Walker — Shawn Ogg / Carter

Previous experience in theatre: Three years of drama in high school performing in Vintage Hitchcock and Grease.
Reason for getting involved: “I joined drama in year eleven and have since found no inclination to stop, and I love Terry Pratchett’s books so much. So I’m pretty sure I actually died and went to drama heaven.”
Favourite quote or moment: When Shawn finds the Martial Arts book in the mail.

Shivarn Stewart — Queen of the Elves / Millie / Troll

Shivarn has actively performed in the 2011 MUDS production Invaders from Mars as well as Gangshow, and various other school productions.

Reason for getting involved: “It’s a great group of people, always a lot of fun and a really fantastic play this year.”
Favourite quote or moment: “TROUSERS OF TIME” (strokes imaginary beard)

Trent Pedley — Lord Lankin / Thatcher

Trent started performing in 2010, and since has done two Summer Shakespeares, 2011’s MUDS production, a lead role in FONA 2010’s Around the Kitchen Table, Manawatu Dreaming Street Theatre Company 2011, Te Ao Hurihuri, a contemporary dance exhibition at Te-Manawa, completed Massey’s undergraduate papers in performing/expressive arts, as well as lighting for the 2012 Creative Processes Summer School paper.

Reason for getting involved: “I enjoy performing and wanted to do a bit more so putting my degree to use and am producing this one.”
Favourite quote or moment: “Who is Ruservurp?” / “RSVP”

Hui Shen — Elf 4

This will be Hui’s first time on the stage, as he joined MUDS to try something new.

Div Collins — The Long Man

Div, our beloved director, has been both actor and director in amateur productions for 8 – 9 years, performing in productions for MUDS, FONA, The After Eden Company, Manawatu Street Theatre, recently playing the lead, Liam, in Angie Farrow’s play The River, then followed by playing Benedick in the latest Summer Shakespeare production of Much Ado About Nothing. Div decided after too many years of only acting for MUDS, it was time to support it fully by taking the reins of one of these things.

Favourite quote or moment: “Why are we shouting?!”
Role/s: Director; The Long Man; Understudy for Matt Waldin as Mustrum Ridcully

Stacey O’Brien — Diamanda

Stacey studied drama all through college, and then at Massey University under Angie Farrow has lead her to perform in Summer Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Helena, directed by Jaime Dorner; FONA, To the Terra, directed by Penni Bousfield; The Perfect Life, Mum, written/directed by Angie Farrow; MUDS, Invaders From Mars, written by Div Collins, directed by Matt Poucher; The Sound of Music, Gretl; Bad Jelly the Witch, Binkle-Bonk;

Reason for getting involved: “Div asked me to … and I love Terry Pratchett!”
Favourite quote or moment: “I don’t know that there’s very much of the actual play left to choose from!”

Matt Waldin — Mustrum Ridcully

Sam Devlin — Elf 3 / Weaver

Erin Cassie — Nanny Ogg

Jade Cairncross — Amanita / Librarian

Joanne Hall — Perdita / Obidiah

Tom Ryder — Webmaster